Specialist in

Digital Marketing

Loony Designs has been flourishing since 2010 due to one simple factor:


We understand that while having an online presence is vital to survive in modern times, not everyone can afford, either financially or time wise, to keep up to date with Social Media, Digital Marketing, Google SEO Standards AND run their business. We tailor make each website and digital presence to suit your business, regardless of budget.

We often enjoy consulting with other digital design agencies which need our assistance. These sites are not included in our online portfolio, however, they are available on request if required.


We have experience in all design forms from vehicle branding, print media, logo design, outdoor advertising to Flyers and Business Documentation, such as letterheads and business card design.
We consult, advise, design and develop your website according to your requirements and intended clientele. 
Loony has extensive experience in Online Marketing via Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Google SEO from Adwords to Google Business is where Loony really shines. We have extensive knowledge in utilizing free and paid for Google marketing platforms in order to project your competition ahead of your competition.

We look forward to assisting you in your Digital Marketing and creating a brand for your business which has clients falling over themselves to do business with you.


Website Development

We custom design and develop websites for Small to Medium businesses including hosting and technical setup.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & various social media platforms greatly increase your client reach when executed correctly.

Google Marketing

Product integration and marketing through Google Services such as Google Business, Shopping and Analytics.

Company Branding

We specialize in full company branding. From Logo Design to Company Documentation, Vehicle Branding to Outdoor Advertising we assist in all design requirements.

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.

~ Albert Einstein


Loony Clients

Website redesign with e-commerce catalogue portal capabilities. Social Media Marketing with Google AdWords integration. Full digital marketing management.

Event management company with full digital marketing portfolio including lead generation. Company Branding, social media management and Google integration.

E-Commerce site design, development and client management with company documentation branding. Google Marketing, Facebook Shopping Portal and advert marketing.

Full digital branding and marketing with new logo. Website design and development, social media marketing and Google integration with technical company management setup assistance.

Brand New Company e-commerce site design and development. Full digital marketing with social media and Google integration. Logo creation and company branding.

Brand new company with e-commerce website setup and management. Social media and Google integration with digital marketing assistance in lead generation.